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Frequently Asked Questions

- Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to frequently asked questions are below. Please contact us if you have questions that need more detailed answers.


Machine Basics

Q:Can you send a catalog of machines with prices?

A:Machines are built to order per customer specifications. Unfortunately, a catalog of machines with prices is not available. Pricing is proposed after basic information is understood and general product and machine specification is confirmed.

Q:How product sizes can a machine make?

A:Depending on the specifications, a machine can produce 2-5 product sizes. Machines must be stopped and size units installed and adjustments made before production can begin again. This can take a few hours depending on the experience and skill of the technicians.

Q:Do you supply raw materials?

A:We are unable to supply raw materials because we are not able to determine which materials are most suitable for the customer. However, we can refer you to possible suppliers and share our general raw material knowledge.

Q:How will you provide the after Sales service support

A:One year warranty for wearing parts,lifetime tech support

Investment Flow

Q:How long does it take from the purchase order to the delivery of a machine?

A:After receiving your order, it can take from 6-7 months to manufacture.

Factory Environment

Q:How much floor space and ceiling height is needed for a machine?

A:Actual floor space depends on the specifications of the machine. We estimate that the average size machine will require 30(L) x 10(W) x 5(H) meters (98 feet by 32 feet by 16 feet) of space.

Q:Is a clean room necessary?

A clean room is not necessary but we recommend dust collection systems to keep the environment comfortable for the operators and minimize dust buildup on the machine.

Q:How much power is needed to run the machine?

A:Approximately 220-500KW depending on the machine specifications. Power must be stable.Water is not necessary.

Matters need attention

Q:Is hearing protection necessary?

A:Yes. Machines in operation can reach 80db,we suggest using hearing protection.

Q:Are raw materials needed for testing?

A:Yes. Customers must provide raw materials to Smart Machinery for testing. Details regarding amount and schedule are provided during technical discussions.

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